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Men Waking Up

Recently, I was in contact with a man who has been my pen-pal for more than ten years.  We met during one of the many programs I have attended and for whatever reason, chose to stay in touch through the years.  We live on different sides of the world so, although I consider him my friend, I have not seen him in person since that first meeting.  

In a recent letter, he shared with me some of the things that were going on in his life.  His authentic and open expression caused me to rethink my personal choice to work with women; and trust that there are other women who will make the personal choice to work directly with men.

I share my response (below) that you might ponder for yourself, what is possible for yourself and for the men in your lives, however that connection may exist.

Thanks for sharing that story with me.  Somehow, as I read, it all sounds/feels like the archetypical story of the never-ending search for the ‘nirvana’ of connection.  I don’t suggest that’s a good thing or a bad thing – just a very familiar thing.  Personally?  I think the great hunger that we carry is to better know our Selves… better know the truth of who we are, why we’re here, what we stand for; and does it matter if we get out of bed in the morning.

It is both strange and interesting to me that you and I have been in this across-the-pond connection, through email.  I have thoroughly welcomed and enjoyed every moment over the (how many?) years.  To me, you are not a ‘person’ in the mundane, every-day sort of way, but a ‘presence’.  An expression of your sense of adventure; of your discoveries and insights; and of your moments of turmoil and vulnerability.  In all of those fractures, there is an underlying wholeness.  For whatever reason, it brings me hope.  You are evidence to me, that the greater enquiry is alive and well!

I believe that one of the great benefits and advantages that women have is their ease with and enjoyment of each other’s good company.  Women may desire men – and they don’t need them when they have each other.  As a result, having a man/men in their lives becomes a mindful choice and not a drive to stave off the night.  Know what I mean?

In these, my later years (I am, after all, now closer to 90 than I am to 30!), I am profoundly relaxing into engaging, seeking out, recognizing, appreciating and welcoming life as a unique creation, rather than a repetition of old habits.  In much of what you share, I witness both.  What strikes me as so vital and enlivening is your unstoppable search!  No doubt, as you stay in that, you’ll find what you seek.

You know that I stopped working with men in 2006.  Not because of anything that I don’t want – but because what I do want was not (seemingly) attainable with them.  I have maintained for many years that the evolution that men seek will not be found in a program room, through courses or trainings or certifications… but in the presence of the women who love them and that they love.  A few days ago, I got an email from the spouse of one of our clients that gave me hope.  He is a changed man – and I’ve done nothing.  Susan (his spouse) shared her set of the ‘Sexual, Sensual and Spiritual Beings‘ cd’s with him – and he woke up.  Did he wake up because of the CD’s?  I don’t know – likely there were things said that profoundly shook him to the core.  And in my truth of it, he woke up because in passing the CD’s to him, Susan was saying:  “Wake up! ”  In that moment, he could hear.

Not quite sure why I am feeling compelled to share all of this with you.  And nonetheless, here it is.  Personally?  I believe that in my life, I have to choose between being the manager of the life I have or the creator of the one I desire.  And with that, the world expands.

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Speaking/Listening: The Power of Flow

Strange… I don’t seem to notice anymore where one year ends and the next, begins!  For me, it is an endless flow – with fewer and fewer distinctions throughout that flow to distract me from the flow, itself, as the force of change.

I noticed long ago that moments of passage – like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. – held no meaning for me, despite the value placed on them by the culture in which I live.  Hallmark Moments, all, left me devoid of any need to engage.  What I was mindful of was fully engaging every moment, as it flowed through my being.

These last few months have been very busy, indeed!  Through the passage of this time, moments of great change have directed and redirected the currents of my life in meaningful and profoundly-altering ways.  I breathe… I engage… and I find myself standing in a new place, in a new way.  As I look around, I am aware that I am completely without any sense of destination or path; and that I know only trajectory.  What will be there, in the flow of it presenting, and what I will find at the so-called ‘end’ will all be part of this Great Adventure that is MY life!  I’ll keep you posted…

These last few weeks have been filled with the preparation of a new audio series for ACES – and I’m lovin’ every minute of it!  I get to recapture such amazing and inspirational moments as I listen to these courageous women reclaim their lives – adamant in their commitment to their evolution of Self, no matter what! As I listened, I became aware of an intertwining that was occurring.. a dance between speaker and listener… recognizing that the power of this intimate flow was not in its content but in the design of that Flow, itself.  What follows seeks to capture that moment, within myself, shared with others.  I offer it to you, that you may find something new for yourSelf.

What you are about to listen to is one woman’s journey through her own accelerated evolution.   As you listen, allow yourself to go beyond the content of the words that she’s saying, and listen for the vibration of who she is and, perhaps, has not yet come to know herself to be.

Listen for the sound of her commitment to her own evolution; to her willingness to stay in that tough, tough conversation with herself; and to her unfaltering determination to find that which she seeks.

Listen for the chaos and confusion; for the underlying current of caution and self-preservation; and for the great desire to find a new place to stand!

And perhaps more than all of these, listen for your own evolution in the generosity of her gift to all of us, in her willingness to go first.

Recognizing that if it resonates within you, it lives in you,  listen for the potential in your own evolution if you allow that wave to move, in you.

Recognizing that we are each an expression of the consciousness of another, in living tissue in a material world, allow yourself to be awakened to that which may lie buried… waiting for the voice of another to awaken you to its presence.

And recognizing that we are Beings of Light, designed for transformation in the nano-second of a single breath,  invite what calls to you, inside of you, to be revealed.

It takes courage to be willing to reveal; to move beyond that often dark and lonely inner rumination that goes on and on – sometimes for an entire lifetime! – to become the emanation of a life lived OUT LOUD and in full view!

But it also takes courage to be willing to hear; to stay present – inside yourself, where you live – when another speaks with such raw and visceral longing for herSelf.

It takes courage to relax into yourSelf in the face of another’s reflection of your own vulnerability; in those moments when all that you fear is served up to you, through the vibration of another; and rather than escape – rather than change the subject, move away, become distracted –  you stay present to yourSelf and, through that, with another in that shared exploration of what can feel like a dangerous place.

And when we do; when we find that courage inside ourselves, we move closer to that which we are intended to be.  Something within softens and loosens; and once again, we come to know a greater truth about WHAT we are and why we chose to be here.

It’s not always easy  and it’s not always fun;  and it is, without doubt and hesitation, the most meaningful, sustainable – and effective! – way for us to find our way Home.

Let this one woman’s journey become the invitation to invite and allow your own courage to become the song that sings your Authentic Self into being!

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I am changed

I’ve been ‘at this’ for a very long time (since I was 18 and I’m 61).  You would think that, by now, I’d have a handle on it and would have become adept at the strategies of living my life in this way.  Truth is, that is not true.

These last three days have found me in the intensive conversations that are the platform for certification as a CODE Model Coach™.  Because CODE Model Coaching™ is not about solving a problem; because it is about using a presenting problem as the start-point to a journey back to reclamation of Self; because it is about ‘being’ and not about ‘doing’, there are no strategies, techniques or practices on which to rely when engaging with self and other/s – there is only the breath in that moment.  How many times have I been here, before?  How many hours have I already spent in these conversations, as the culmination of the hundreds of hours that preceded it?  I’ve lost count – and what I know is, it doesn’t matter.

There is no ‘before’.  There is no vast accumulation of knowledge; or the wisdom that comes of experience.

There is no repertoire of problems solved, challenges met and lives changed.

There is only this moment.  And in this moment, there is everything else.

Strange…. to know that all that has come before is of no relevance.  There is no accumulation of ‘being right’ that I can point to by way of rationalizing the legitimacy of this insight, discovery or outcome, in this moment.  To be sure, that is not what I was told when I was moving toward ‘achieving’ adulthood!  In this thought, I could bore you with a litany of discoveries and accomplishments, none of which would have any value other than to demonstrate how I’ve occupied my time.  What does have value is that I am here… I am connected to something inside me that defies categorization… and I am both willing and able to engage as the creator of my own world.

The question then becomes:  at what level of expression does ‘world’ hold my interest?  Provoke my potential?  Awaken me to the vast and boundless creations of which the I AM that I am, is not only capable but designed and intended?

Perhaps my past has been that I create within existing worlds.  Perhaps my future lies in creating worlds that do not yet exist.  We already know that what is seen is but small measure of the vast field of the Unseen, from which it is sourced.  What if I were to see through new eyes?  What if that vast Unseen were to become my new playground?

What brings my life meaning may not bring meaning to yours.  What causes my life to be sustainable may not be so, for you.  What gets you out of bed in the morning may not even appear on the radar of my life!  And what I know (without a doubt!) really matters, is that it must matter to you.

Whether these make sense or not, they make sense to me and I share them with you:

* My life is a living expression of the Hawaiian alphabet.  With vowels and only 7 consonants, there can be challenges when the same word is used to express many different things!  It is not the word that changes – it is the context that lives inside the person who is doing the listening/expressing.  Internal referencing drives understanding, unique and shared.   What this says to me is that it is the creator within that changes, not the creations themselves.

* What once were the measures of my ‘successful’ life are now subject to this phenomenon of the Hawaiian language.  What once molded and shaped my choices no longer even shape a moment, let alone my life.  I am no longer able to ignore the degree to which the coma of cultural conditioning allows the droning to sustain itself.  What we call ‘culture’ is its own hum… IS the vibrational cue that sustains itself, without challenge.  Culture does not need effort to be  maintained – that is done through history and habit.  What does need effort is the shift in reality that makes it possible for each to awaken to him/herSelf.  THAT will not come from the outside (from the template), in.  It can only be manifested from the inside, out.  How do I awaken to, connect with and engage that which lives, within?

During the last three days, one on this journey with us shared:  “I can see!”  And inside myself, I thought:  I can only see through the eyes of the Seer that I am.  Change the seer, and I see different things.  Perhaps in those much earlier times, it was never that I could not see – it was that I could not allow myself to see what I saw.

Not so long ago, I was mindful that I was getting more and more ‘weird’, by the day!  Today, I know differently.

I know the I AM that I am is here to create my reality; to own the creator that I know mySelf to be; to discover that I am already both willing and able to separate mySelf from my creations and own ‘creator’ as the force… as the presence… that I know mySelf to be.  I knew that as a child – and so did you.  Now, I remember.

And so, my journey continues.  Now that I remember, now what?  As I slide more willingly and naturally and comfortably into that world, I also know myself slipping from the one that is validated as ‘real’.  I sometimes wonder:  if the hum were to cease and we were to awaken from the coma of culture, what then would we do with ourselves?  When the money stops; when the external drivers for ‘success’ stop; when there are no more standards to meet, challenges to overcome, problems to solve and world-views to resist, how will we know we’re alive?  What will we do with ourselves when the measure of our being is no longer set outside of us?

I believe I speak for those present when I say that this last CMC Certification Intensive has awakened ‘creator’ in each of us.  And now, we live.

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Awakening… to what?

Like millions of others on the planet, I often turn to Facebook and allow myself to wander around and see what’s up in the world.  As one who is both mindful of the notion of being ‘awake’ or ‘awakening’ – for myself and in my engagements with others – I am always willing and able to consider that one new insight or that single compelling thought that just might allow me to awaken, or awaken to, more of myself.

What an interesting notion:  awakening.  Such is the philosophy and language that permeates so much of what now fills the sounds and sights of information shared, with one’s Self or others.  And I find myself asking:  “Awakening…. to what? And for what purpose?”

Much of what I see linked to on Facebook (and in other  places) holds little to no interest for me.  Perhaps it is that I began this journey when I was 18 and  am now 61; or perhaps it is that I am noticing – far too often – that, like bell bottom pants and sideburns, everything old is new again!  My memory still serves me well; and I recognize old news when I see it.

That I continue to see what was (now long repeated) continue to be without results, leaves me discouraged.  And perhaps that is the underpinning of my discouragement.  I began my journey at 18, seeking my own personal evolution; and for the last 20 years, have done nothing but!  I can honestly say that this journey of personal evolution – the journey of evolution of human consciousness – has filled my every waking moment for more than 40 years.  Because of this, there have been few ‘gaps’ in my journey; few breaks along the way with the usual distractions of daily living.

So, in this moment, I pause and reconsider:  Awakening… to what?

Many have awakened to the need to be more attentive to the physical body; to be more discerning (and mindful) of what foods we eat; of how much sleep we get; of the need to move our body if we are to remain energetic and enlivened.  Diets of one kind or another abound… and yet, I notice even there, what was ‘the thing’ to do five years ago is now questionable (if not lethal) from today’s point of view.

Many have awakened to the need to wake up to what we’re doing with our days!   The idea of ‘balance’ in personal and professional life; the notion of being reasonable in what we give and take in our interactions with others.  Greater consideration of our ‘relationships’ and what those are; what they mean to us; and the parameters we establish for determining what we keep and what we let go of.  Again, pivotal to this level of discovery is the recognition that over time, many of our determinations roll off to the side to be replaced by a newer one.  At least, for a while…

Many have awakened to the recognition that our strategies for living – as individuals, as a local community and as a global community – are no longer working.  We’re depleting the planet of its natural resources, which is bad enough – and we’re doing it in a way that is destroying the very eco-systems on which we rely for our existence!  Just how weird are we beginning to notice we are!!!  Our strategies for staying fit; for meaningful relationships; and for living effectively in our world, are proving themselves to be wanting in ways that leave us totally confused and unable to even recognize an alternative.  We are awakening to the recognition that something is driving us – and that ‘something’ can no longer take the lead.

Many of us are beginning to awaken to the need to take the long pause and wonder:  who am I? Why am I here?  We are beginning to notice that just because someone else is doing it; or just because we’ve been doing it for so long; or just because we had not thought to do otherwise, it does not mean we should just continue until we have a better plan.  We are awakening to our absolute, unquestionable need to STOP!!!!  STOP doing and being all that represents the most habituated, mindless and meaningless about us.  STOP doing things even though no one else has yet told us so.  STOP gliding along, waiting for someone/something outside of ourselves to carve out a new path; or show us a different or better way.  STOP… and be still… and wonder…..

And for many of us, this is the danger zone.  It is the point at which our awakening begins to drift slowly back into a gentle doze… sliding easily into the hazy, grey area of not knowing what else to do instead… or who else to be… and simply choosing to avoid the pain and discomfort of not knowing; and choose not to choose.  The groove of the past remains open and gaping, beckoning for a quick return to a hapless and ultimately, hopeless repetition of what was.

This is the point at which, in our awakened state, we look around and can’t see anything or anyone else ‘out there’ that calls us more fully into… into…. something else that we can learn to do/be.  And so, we slowly begin to curl in on ourselves and into a stupor of  uncertainty – longing for it not to be so and yet, deaf and blind to anything other than the truth of that moment, from one moment to the next.

Repetition and platitudes become the norm.

And yet, in my world, there is another layer of awakening.  There is a layer of awakening that can take us beyond any truth within an old and familiar context; a truth that lies in a much larger, more outrageous context that has long been held as inaccessible to us all.  And that awakening is to myself, as other than what I have been told I am.

Awakening to the possibility that for hundreds of years – possibly more – what I have been told I am, is not only incomplete it is inaccurate.

Awakening to the possibility that the still and outrageous truth within my being; that truth known innately from times long ago, is indeed an absolute truth for us all.

Awakening to the possibility that my destiny does not lie in awakening to all that my human being-ness is able/capable of, but to moving beyond my human being-ness to know that which sources it all.

I know it is time for us all to awaken to the inalienable truth that we are all – each of us – a living godforce in expression in a physical body.  And as the godforce that each of us is, we are creating it all!  How can it be otherwise?  How can godforces NOT create their world?  The challenge becomes:  when I create, am I awake to the power of that truth? Or am I deeply, soundly and unshakeably asleep to it?

What is in question is not that godforces create.  What is in question is whether or not the godforce that I AM creates, mindfully?

I know I am a living godforce in expression in a physical universe – and so are you.

I know that what I hold as truth inside my being will emanate, through my choices, and become my world.

I know that my unwillingness to own that much deeper inner truth – as I capitulate to the so-called external demands/requirements/preferences/etc. of those outside of me – will ultimately be my undoing.  And in that, the messages of that inner truth will not go away.  It will simply become louder and more urgent and more persistent… until I can no longer NOT claim and live from what I know.

Awakening to the ultimate choice within that simple truth –  that I am or I am not a living godforce in a physical universe – redefines my potential.

If I am not, then I am at the mercy of the external references that fill my life; at the mercy of all of the external powers-that-be (i.e. parents, teachers, bosses, experts, rulers, etc.) that seek to define my reality for me.  As we see from all that is moving in our much larger world, this is wearing thin.  We are losing our willingness to simply abdicate from that deeper inner truth and surrender to someone/something else by which to be shaped.

We are losing regard and respect for long-standing institutions that purported to have my/our best interests at heart.  My heart knows best what my best interests require!

As unrest, dis-ease and sheer unwillingness grows around the world – around the planet and in our own back yard! – we cannot help but STOP… and wonder… how else might I choose to live my life, today?

And if I am indeed, a living godforce expressing in a physical universe; and if I begin to awaken to manifestations that become my birthright, my world begins to shift.  Not because I assault it – but because I remove the creative force of my presence from all that I do not desire.  As the breath of my being withdraws, the boundaries of that ‘other’ begin to collapse.  Energy flows where attention goes – and when I shift the force of creation that I AM from one thing to the creation of another, that which was, ceases to be.

So many platitudes!  From one day to the next, I read words intended to be inspirational or motivational… and yet, how much does any given life change?  My personal favourite?   “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a  human experience!”  Then, the question becomes:  How does a spiritual being LIVE in a world of flesh and blood, from one moment to the next?

Choice is indeed, the key.  But what kind of choice?  Choices within the long-held (and erroneous!) belief that we are not what we seek?  Or choices contextualized in a very different ‘truth’; a truth, for generations, fundamentally denied that we might more easily be kept in check.

Awaken to the truth of yourself as living godforce in tissue!

Awaken to the force of your presence… your breath… the vibration of your being; awaken to the power of the vibration of your own voice, not because it’s loud or insistent but because it carries the vibration of your ‘being’ into a material world.

Awaken to the brilliance your body offers as the metronome of your existence; that which keeps the rhythm and the beat of your expressed truth… assessing and measuring and reflecting the alignment of your inner truth with your external creations.

Awaken to your ability to know without content or evidence that you do; to know intuitively and instinctively what you need to say… to ask… to walk away from – and trust it!

The constraints of our own limited thinking are far more binding than any walls could ever be.  The limitations of our own thinking are more detrimental to our wellbeing than the limitations of any other.

We are at a threshold of imminent change.  It is not complicated:  change or die.  But change how?  Change what?  The change we so desperately both require and demand – of ourselves and of each other – is the change from form to energy; from matter to spirit; and from human being to godforce.  These are not incremental.  These will not come in baby steps, one safe move after the other.  These are leaps of our own potential!  They are big and bold; they are out loud and without secret; and they are the paradigm shift that we have now, for so long, so desparatly sought.

Awakening to the truth of WHAT we are will transform our lives.  Anything less, and we stay caught in the recycled web of the time before. It is a choice.

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Catching Up to MySelf

I just realized that my last posting here was July 5th.  Four days later, my 86YO mother fell and broke her hip… and my life changed.

Exactly one week later, my teenage step-daughter was taken to the hospital in a coma, where she remained so for 12 days.  An extensive stay in intensive care led to what now, may likely be a long and slow recovery.

And through it all, life as I knew it, disappeared.

Here I am – almost three months later – and I am noticing that I am filled with gratitude and appreciation for the creativity of so many, in my life; and the Creative Force is streaming through me in ways that I can barely track, let alone capture and define!  Flashes of possibility stream through my awareness – and I know that every single one is a possible world/reality that beckons.  I know that the coming months will be filled with new insights, discoveries and creations – all of which I will share with you.

How could that be?  How could it be that something so drastic and definitive as the full-time and essential requirement to redirect my attention to another could, ultimately, lead to such a surge of Life within myself?

How could it be that removing myself from life, as I knew it, could guide me to something that, in this moment, fills every cell of my being with the intense and inexplicable ‘knowing’ that a new direction is about to reveal itself to me; and from the very different and keenly attuned ‘start point’ that I have now BECOME, life will expand and accelerate, yet again!

In this moment, I am so mindful of all of the science that has filled my life: works of physics and medicine; all the names that you and I may both know so well, like, Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Candace Pert, Michio Kaku, Pribram, Chilton-Pearce to name but a tiny few!  Decades of reading, watching, attending, listening, exploring, testing, attempting!    I am so grateful for all of the amazing discoveries of these gifted and compelling seekers and finders.

I am also intensely mindful of the somewhat less lauded journeys of those who brought to me the potential of magic, for myself, in my life.  The weird and wonderful works of the likes of Ramtha and Seth; channelled works of Bartholomew, Cayce and others.  Perhaps the one who stands out most in my personal experience is Lynn V. Andrews – the prolific and compelling author of Medicine Woman, The Power Deck and all that followed.  From those of science, I learned about my world.  From Lynn, I discovered how to trust… and allow myself to BE the compelling and powerful woman that I AM.  To this day, she continues to show the way for so many women who are committed to reclaiming and redefining themselves.

From the scientists, I came to know.  From Lynn Andrews, I came to BE.   I know that both have been necessary.

Now, I stand at a gateway of some kind.  I know that all I have already known; and all I have already come to ‘be’, are no longer ‘enough’.  It is not that I am less, it is that in having become more, I am at a new launching point into my own discovery.

The body of knowledge of WEL-Systems® is comprehensive, proven and easily engaged by others.  There is a vast and easily accessible range of books, CD’s, audio files, articles, blogs etc… that invites and guides those who are drawn to discover.

The ever-expanding community of enlivened, awakened and powerful women who are at the very core of this wave of human evolution are, without exception, women of RIG… of Respect, Integrity and Generosity of Spirit, for Self and other.  Their willingness and ability to move beyond seeking and into the moment of being willing to be found by their own greater inner truth and intention, is without question.  Their courage is matched by their humour, compassion and depth of caring.  I am grateful for every one!

For me, this place has become the launching point for the next.  What will that be?  I have not a clue… and yet, I am ready, willing and eager to entertain its potential.  I know there is nothing for me to do but breathe… let go.. invite.. and allow myself to be taken where it will go.

Internal referencing is the key.  This one, single, solitary knowable ‘truth’ (as truth goes!)  transforms lives.  The dotted line of the Quantum Biological Human™: once you know it’s there, there is no going back!  It will also transform our world.

It’s good to be awake and alive!

Breathing is good….

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Space, Movement and Flow: The Next Wave

I’ve known for some time, now, that breathing is good! Not because of the effects of the physical breath on my physical body, but because the very process of breathing graces me with a constant reminder of my own, uninterrupted potential for the next wave of expression. In that, my state of being is infinite; as are my intentions and outcomes, beyond any supposed evidence to the contrary. What I must do, is choose.

I am fond of the notion of Space, Movement and Flow…. knowing that without Space of body, mind and Spirit, Movement is impossible! And without Movement, there can never be Flow. It all begins with Space; with my willingness and ability to let go and trust that as I fall back into the Great Void of my own uncertainty… of my own Chaos… I will be carried by that wave into my own, unfolding destiny. What I must do is let go… and in doing so, the Space appears.

Space, Movement, Flow. Not, Space, Movement, Exhale… or Space, Movement, Inhale… but Flow. Is my exhalation the harbinger of an end? Is my inhalation that of a beginning? Or is each part of the same unbroken, continuous wave of my own discovery, knowing that as I inhale uncertainty and chaos, I will exhale the expression of my own potential into my world… knowing that the next inhalation will bring with it insight and discovery… that I might next, exhale that ‘more’ of mySelf that I have become…. and on and on and on it goes, never-ending and ceaseless in its Flow.

Flow. A life of Flow. Not a life of good/bad, right/wrong. Not a life of beginnings and endings; or one of answers and finish lines. But a life of constant, undulating, perpetually-unfolding, mindful Flow. THAT, I’m willing to get out of bed in the morning, to know intimately!

What does it mean that 2010 has ended and 2011, beginning? Are they really separate? What would life be like were we to surrender our culturally-conditioned need for borders and lines of demarcation? Does one wave have an ending before the next arrives? Or is it all, in truth, the Ocean in Flow?

In this moment, and as I move through and into the Flow of time, I am choosing to know that I am the Ocean… that I am that restless, engaging, living Breath of Life that sustains itSelf and all that it touches… even when there are times of inundation and apparent destruction. No good/bad, right/wrong… just Flow.

I am without hesitation or doubt that my life is a living, breathing, pulsating metaphor for how I am choosing to express the godforce that I Am. I am equally mindful that as I begin one day with the enquiry, “How does the godforce that I AM choose to live today?”, I must also end it with, “Did I live, today, as an authentic expression of that godforce; and is the life I’m living worthy of the godforce that I AM?”. In the flow of those enquiries, I begin to notice the Flow of my Being. In those mindful reflections, I create the Space that will invite the Movement that will bring more of the I AM that I am into my day-to-day expressions of ‘being’. And in that breath… wherever it may find itself… Flow is sourced, nurtured and encouraged by my willingness and ability to breathe. Not much more is required.

Today, as I ponder all of these for myself, I am reminded that my personal and deeply intimate evolution; that my willingness and ability to be whole and reclaim the territory of the majestic Self, demands but one thing of me, at all times – and that is to breathe! One breath… THIS breath… staying in it, despite all that it may bring… knowing that it is the only one that will make a difference. Until this one is embraced fully as the I AM that I am seeking, the next one will not come – no matter how hard I may intend it to be otherwise. The I AM that I am IS that breath!

Wisdom resides in that single, presenting breath and no other. Do I have what it takes to stand with it as the gateway to my own discovery?

Breathing is good…..


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Urgency vs Panic

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to spend time with some women who are new to me, in my life.  I have become accustomed to spending time with people who know me well through abundant personal contact.  I sometimes forget that what I intend to say and what others hear, don’t always match.  Such was my discovery during this recent conversation.

As we shared our lives, one thought that came into my awareness was my mindfulness of increasing speed in the passage of time; and in the acceleration of interacting, living organic systems – be they the individual or the planet.  I was reminded of having read of the Schumaan Resonance or pulse of the Earth (like a heartbeat) … and how since 1980, this resonance has slowly been rising from 7.83 cycles per second to its current 12 cycles per second!    Not only do I ‘know’ this acceleration reflected in the words on a page in the scientific community, I ‘know’ this as a profound truth in the very tissue of my being.

As we were approaching the end of our evening exploration, I shared with this small group of women my deep and vast sense of urgency.  It caught me off guard when one of the women present spoke to that notion of what I was calling ‘urgency’ with the words of ‘panic’ and ‘terror’. It was a great opportunity for me to stop… take a breath… and revisit:  just what do I mean by urgency?

Certainly, not that!  Despite what I hold to be the great potential of massive change, having a significant impact on my (and your!) world and all of us who walk through it, I have no sense of panic or terror – and I do have a great sense of urgency.

Urgency!  To get on with it; to engage the moment, fully and with 100% of my attention present.  Urgency, to stay mindful and present; connected to my own internal truth as the external truths of myriad others hold the potential to penetrate and take the lead on the deeply personal journey of my life.

Urgency!  To live… engage!… and express fully all that moves inside me.  Being both willing and able to notice that on the holodeck of my experience, nothing presents that is not intended to awaken me to the ‘more’ that I already am – and may not yet have noticed.  Choosing to follow-through and trust the impulse as it moves through my body, rather than second-guessing and seeking outside of myself some nod of approval or agreement… the permission from others that being myself is indeed, acceptable.

Urgency!  To take the breath that presents in the moment and not try to pass it by for the next.  To breathe and relax and let go… into the unknown of my safe and expansive Universe, that I might better know more of ME to be its living expression.

Urgency!  To say what’s on my mind, in the moment that it moves… and not seek to wait for the ‘right’ time or the ‘optimal’ time or the ‘best’ time… but to know that the passage of time is the unfolding of my life; choosing to live fully right here/right now, rather than wait for the next invitation to do so.

In the urgency of my being, there is no good/bad, right/wrong, there is only the power of potential and the grace of opportunity, leaving me to determine how much or how little of each, I might embrace.

For me, urgency is a measure of the intensity of my great desire to LIVE!  It recognizes that life is all about living – not thinking about living; and it reminds me that the only moment that I can know, for sure, will be mine is THIS one.  What do I intend to do with it?  Who do I intend to allow myself to become, from it?  If not now, then when?

I am so grateful for that brief yet profoundly moving moment with another whose Great Adventures has intertwined with my own.  I now know mySelf more than I did in that moment; and I am even more wiling to accelerate this path… with urgency.

Breathing is good….




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Talking to Myself: Paradigm Shifts

I do that sometimes: have chats with myself, fingers to keyboard… wondering just what I have to say to myself that I’ve not yet noticed.  Know what I mean?

One of those explorations is below.  Now that it’s here – having bubbled up from the invisible to the visibility of these words on a screen/page – I can move on.  Maybe, as you read, you will move on, too.

How do you explain the sensation of touching or being touched such that another can ‘know’ the experience?  How do you find the ‘right’ words that are familiar to express the profoundly unfamiliar?  Such is the dilemma of a paradigm shift.  This may be the one, true moment when, indeed, “You can’t get there from here.”

I am mindful that I often tire of this conversation.  In my mind/world/experience, there is so much already in existence that makes it all accessible for those who choose to ‘know’!  Must I, yet one more time, seek to find another way… find yet another combination of the familiar words… to entice discovery of a different paradigm through other than its deep, irrevocable experience?  Inside myself, the only sound that I can hear is the echo of  ‘Let go.’  Clearly, I’ve been here before!

I sometimes wonder if  the paradigm can be experienced without the WEL-Systems models; if the perpetual shift can live sustainably in the conversation alone… in the movement of the wave and its flow through tissue… and I am reminded:  the wave moves and experience is had… and what then, allows the process of experiencing to be sustainable and not just another random ‘aha!’ moment, left to whimsy and luck to be experienced another time?  Without the models, there is no ‘new way’ to ‘be’ in our world – there is only the way we know, with brief and accidental moments of brilliance in what could be a sea of the genius that we are.

I seek to make visible that which we have not been able to see.  I seek to make accessible that which so many have longed for, for so long, and have been unable to find.  I seek to lay down a path that any can walk, that all can claim, that will lead to the doorway to a powerful and deeply meaningful new paradigm for living.  Without that path, we wander around in the world in which we already live, starved for what sits just outside our definition of ‘reality’, inaccessible because we do not know how to reach out and claim it as our own.

In this moment, I am reminded of the Indiana Jones film – the one with his father where he goes in search of the Holy Grail.  In one scene, he must cross a wide and deep cavern… urged on by the coded message of a leap of faith… in order for him to find what is required to save his father’s life.  Motivated by his unwillingness to settle for the alternative, Indy closes his eyes and stretches out his leg…. only to discover a bridge that has blended into the background of the cavern and become invisible to those who strive to see only through their physical eyes.  Strangely enough, once you see it, you can no longer NOT see it!  A paradigm shift is the same:  once you see it, you can no longer imagine it ever not having been there.

Without the WEL-Systems models, the conversation – any conversation! – is relegated to the domain of its content.  Without the models, there are no reference points for drawing awareness beyond the content to both the context and the process, making it possible for an individual to ‘see’ beyond the details of their challenges/problems/ordeals, etc. and lay eyes on the pathway that has brought them to it.  Take a different pathway… move into a different context and process… and life changes.

The WEL-Systems models are a proven, predictable GATEWAY to the unproven and unpredictable expression of a new way of being!  The WEL-Systems body of knowledge, in and of itself, IS NOT the paradigm – and yet, without this body of knowledge as the solid and visible stones along the pathway, the paradigm cannot be accessed.  Why?  Because the required context and process to do so is invisible to the way we have been taught to see.

The WEL-Systems body of knowledge is unique in the world.  Time and again, this pathway has guided those who have walked along its solid and reliable stones, to come to the gateway of the dotted line between worlds.  With the question pounding in their bodies… driven by the sensation of their own heartbeat and its pulse pounding in their temples… : “Am I or am I not a living expression of the godforce in a physical universe?”… the leap is taken or not… the dotted line is crossed… and the discovery is made.  For that, there is no description – there is only the undeniable truth that lives in the tissue of our very being.  We have become it.

We cannot get to this new paradigm from the one we’re in.  We cannot get to a new way of experiencing ourselves through other than the truth of that experience.  And for that to be a sustainable way of ‘being’, we must be able to see the invisible and to know deeply in our experience, how to walk that path on our own.  Without that, we are destined to always be in search of the next guru, the next master, the next answer… all of which are expressions of the paradigm that we are already in.

WEL-Systems is not a thing.  It’s a journey… a passage… that leads to where we are all instinctively driven to go:  to return ‘home’ to the godforce that we are.  When we reach the gateway, to walk through means to leave the other world – and all that it carries and represents – behind.

WEL-Systems represents a trajectory… a fearless and unshakeable intention of discovery… that is tried, tested and true in lighting the way to that gateway.  It does not and will not take you beyond the dotted line – that you must do for yourself.  However, it will ensure you are not lost along the way to looping back through thick and dense forest, to the place from which you began, allowing you to deceive yourself into believing you are where you are not!

WEL-Systems is a body of knowledge that offers new ways to see and experience and express; that casts light on the shadowy places in our lives; and that offers new language from which to consider old truths and deceptions – those imposed by others and those created by ourselves.

WEL-Systems is not a ‘thing’ – it is representative of a quality… a level… of experience that is not available in any other way.  It represents a perspective that allows us to ‘know’ – deep inside our being – the truth of who and what we are, without the need to surrender any part of who we already are.  Through these perceptual filters, we come to see through new eyes, that we might discover the magnificent ‘being’ behind these new eyes through which we know ourselves, so differently.

Without the WEL-Systems body of knowledge, the context within which the process of experiencing can live – to be engaged over and over again – curls back in on itself and becomes static… tied to content and answers rather than the ever-unfolidng, accelerating and escalating journey of discovery of Self that is fueled by knowing that the power is in NOT KNOWING and constantly discovering the more that we can become!

WEL-Systems is a way of life – not because of its content but because of its invitation to move constantly to the gateway… and choose.

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WEL-Systems: Discovering what it is by eliminating what it’s not!

Wow… here I sit, wondering:  what will it take?  What will be the ‘right’ combination of words, ideas, notions, experiences, outcomes, tools, frameworks… moments!… that will finally have it be clear; that will finally make it easy and effortless to understand what WEL-Systems® is!  

2010 marks the 20th anniversary of this amazingly powerful,  profoundly transformational expression of human potential!  Although in development through the ’80’s, September 1990 marked my departure from what was ‘out there’, propelling me to move ‘in here’ and begin what has been an amazing journey of 20 years of my own (ongoing) evolution and the profoundly moving experience of engaging with others, in theirs.

Yesterday, I spent some time browsing what I had written in the past… wondering what January of 2007, 2008 and 2009 had ‘sounded’ like from the words of my own voice on the screen of this blog.  I have long known ‘things’ that (I believe) are intended to become the ‘norm’ for us as human beings.  I am mindful that as we face into the challenges of the coming decade, we are destined to emerge as a new species… as a species that designs itself from the inside-out, and not one that struggles to define itself from the outside-in.  I am hopeful that I will live long enough to see my garden filled with the magnificence of such blossoms, filling the air with the potent aroma of life lived fully, lived large and lived authentically!

As I ponder how else… what else… might be said about ‘What is WEL-Systems’, it occurs to me that perhaps a good place to start is to remove all that IT IS NOT!  It is possible that in doing so, what will remain will stand out and be more easily recognizable… able to be claimed without fear of being tainted with or tarnished by all that we’ve come to distrust in our often disappointing previous journeys of personal growth and evolution.

What WEL-Systems IS NOT:

* IT IS NOT a religion or a cult.  It is devoid of dogma and mandatory procedures to which we must sacrifice the unique expression of who we are in order to gratify the hunger of the larger collective.  There is neither requirement nor interest in homogenizing to the lowest common denominator, knowing the sustainable power of any living, organic collective resides in the unique and authentic expression of every individual in it.  For this, we must let go and trust that open, clear, honest and direct communication in a context of respect, integrity and generosity of spirit (RIG) is essential to individual wellbeing and, by extension, will flow through the larger whole as an expression of its natural state of being.

* IT IS NOT a thing.  You cannot put it in your briefcase or stand it on your bookcase shelf.  It does not live in a manual or a schedule or any particular place or event.  It lives in and is sustained by the moment-to-moment and authentic conversations that we are willing to have with each other; in the willingness and ability to be ourselves and tell what is our unique truth; and in the great desire to be fully alive and visibly/audibly expressive , each in our own life.

* IT IS NOT a script or agenda or a technique to be memorized and repeated; or a performance to be practiced and delivered.  It is the expression of an organic, living being – seeking to be in the moment and wiling to decloak to another – devoid of any external performance requirements.  It is the living embodiment of the ultimate expression of the ultimate internal reference:  that each of us IS the godforce, expressing through tissue in a physical universe.

* IT IS NOT dependent on any guru or master or guide.  It is intended to offer a body of knowledge that becomes a safe, predictable pathway; and to help you discover, within yourself, your own unquestionable compass for your life,  that you might find your own way home, knowing that if you’re ever lost you have what it takes to navigate by the stars of your inner truth and you’ll be just fine.  All you have to do is listen.

* IT IS NOT seeking to radiate and draw those to its centre by encouraging them to lose their own; but is intended to offer discovery of the powerful centre from which we all emenate and trust it to flow through us and from us and light up our lives and our world!

WEL-Sytems is an approach to transforming our lives that expands, deepens and accelerates our evolution as individuals and, subsequently, of the collective that becomes the reflection of who we are choosing to be.  Over these last 20 years of field testing and real-life, real-time results, it has been the invitation for thousands to discover the magic and miracles that are sourced from within; and invited them to engage!

The WEL-Systems approach has 3 essential components :

1.  The WEL-Systems body of knowledge (as laid out in my first two books (Fully Alive and Phoenix Rising) and the still-relevant CD program of Pathways to Personal Power) offers tried-and-true, simple and powerful models that become the stepping stones along a pathway to being in charge of our own lives!  With these, you have what it takes to do it for yourself and to share the possibility with the people you care about.   Without these, you are destined to be swept away in the content of your stories and the seduction of understanding, trapped at lower levels of thinking about yourself, your world and your ability to move through that world.  With these models, you discover how to raise your eyes and look up to your potential and redefine how it becomes the living flesh and not just a yearning to know the ‘more’ that calls from somewhere deep inside your being.

2.  Quantum TLC™ – the life-altering experience that accelerates evolution by allowing the body to do what it is designed to do – and all we have to do is get out of the way.

3.  CODE Model Coaching™ (as a living expression of The CODE Model™) that becomes the invitation for leadership of a very different and far more powerful kind!  Those who know and live the first two parts (know the way and live the experience) also know that personal evolution is the key to engaging with anyone else in the journey of theirs; and that there is no greater adventure of accelerated personal evolution than to engage with others in the chaos of discovery!

20 years!  Twenty amazing, glorious, deeply sacred and profoundly transformational years!  I have no idea what the WEL-Systems approach will offer me (offer us all!) in the coming years, but I do know this:  we are in the midst of one of the moments of greatest upheaval in the history of our species.  Now, more than ever, we would do well to let go of all that has brought us to where we are and allow ourselves to entertain.. to consider… another way of moving through and creating our lives.

The WEL-Systems approach is how I choose to live my life; and it is how I choose to engage with others as they lay claim to their unstoppable desire to live theirs.  I may not ever know, specifically, where it will take me and I know for sure – without a moment of hesitation – that it will be exactly where I need to be.

Breathing is good….

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Thinking About… Chaos

Bifurcation is such an interesting experience in the body.  We feel two distinct things at the same time:  the chaos of the old coming apart and the great excitement/anticipation of the creation of the new.  They co-exist, occupying the same space and the same time, and the sensation plays itself out in the body.  Personally?  My life has been at its most creative and compelling in those moments!

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